Interactive: Elevating the Teaching Profession

This interactive tool provides examples of programs and initiatives across the country working to improve the systems along the teacher pipeline, from recruitment and preparation to compensation and career pathways.

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We are TeachStrong.

The TeachStrong campaign is a movement to change the national education policy conversation and make modernizing and elevating the teaching profession the most pressing and significant education policy priority for our nation.

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It's time to truly support
the teaching profession...

To ensure that all students – and especially those from low-income families – are taught by excellent teachers, we must develop policies that support teachers through all stages of their careers. Take a look at the nine principles we have established to guide this change.

Our Principles

An issue we can all get behind.

Our diverse coalition of organizations came together based on a shared understanding that a teacher's work is incredibly important and deserves to be treated as such.

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Join us in our mission to make modernizing and elevating the teaching profession the number one education policy issue of our time.

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We're on a mission.

We believe that all students, especially those from low-income families, deserve to be taught by great teachers. To accomplish this goal, we must modernize and elevate the teaching profession. This effort will require transforming the systems and policies that support teachers throughout all stages of their careers.

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Guided by strong principles...

Explore and share the principles that fuel our mission to modernize and elevate the teaching profession.


Identify and recruit more diverse teacher candidates with great potential to succeed, with a deliberate emphasis on diversifying the teacher workforce.


Reimagine teacher preparation to make it more rooted in classroom practice and a professional knowledge base, with universal high standards for all candidates.


Raise the bar for licensure so it is a meaningful measure of readiness to teach.


Increase compensation in order to attract and reward teachers as professionals.


Provide support for new teachers through residency and induction programs.


Ensure tenure is a meaningful signal of professional accomplishment.


Provide significantly more time, tools, and support for teachers to succeed, including through planning, collaboration, and development.


Design professional learning to better address student and teacher needs, and to foster feedback and improvement.


Create career pathways that give teachers opportunities to lead and grow professionally.

Together, we can make a difference.

This diverse group of education organizations has come together to prioritize modernizing and elevating the teaching profession. Please scroll down to learn more about each organization that is a partner in TeachStrong.

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Great teaching takes time – so give teachers more of it. Read how: #TeachStrong